Branding for Fashion Brands

Branding for Fashion

Kosovo is home to a fashion house known as Blini that is very well known in the country. As part of the client’s requirements, the entire shop was to be digitalized. To begin with, we took the following steps:

In order to brand their graphics, they are going to use their old set. It was in the early stages of the manufacturing process that we created the logo, shopping bags, color palettes, fonts, and boxes.

Branding in the fashion industry is the process of establishing an image of a company in the minds of their customers by using all the strategies available to them. Your brand can include the name of your company, colors, symbols, design, and anything else that makes your business distinctive from others.

What is the point at which a dress becomes more than just a dress? There are many products on the market that seem to be identical, so what makes a consumer choose one over another?

Feelings. Emotions. When fashion branding is done right, it is like a BFF – it connects with the intended audience as if they were the same person. A style can be defined as an outward expression of your personality that stands up for you in society. The goal of widespread logo recognition may seem unattainable for small fashion ecommerce brands and emerging designers, but it isn’t impossible (or at least far-off) for them to achieve.

There is more to branding than a logo, however. There are a variety of values, voices, and design choices that are woven seamlessly throughout all aspects of the product, packaging, and online presence. An effective brand is one that tells a consistent and continuous story, through which the message is woven into each element.

Anyway,we are here always for you and your brand!