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The problem was that the business was selling only locally and the strategy was selecting customers only in the balkan region. They didn’t know of choosing the type of customers that match the style with their dresses. Females with hijab were the highest consumers of the dresses. The oriental culture and style applied on the dress is the strongest benefit that females in Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo were in love with these types of dresses. One another big problem is that the support center were the owners so the chats between client and customer was existing and being alive through the hands and fingers of owners.


34 Employees and 3 Factories. DHL was the shipping company. The shipping revenue hit 1.3 Million in 2021.


We started by <a href=””>analysing</a> the problems that were existing on facebook and instagram ads. Why a pure Berlin based female was not into Blini’s dresses and why a female from a muslim based in Bronx likes them so much. As mentioned in the ‘Problem’ column, the dresses style was so much based and matched with the oriental culture. The other problem was promoting the business only in the Balkan region. We started analysing where in the world exists the oriental culture but also where is the muslim culture most populated.


As soon we finished our analysis, we headed directly to the CEO of <a href=””>Blini Fashion House</a> to talk about the marketing budget. Spending only 150$ on marketing it was not that big budget that you could receive a lot of attention and activity. The number of collection was only increasing so we split the budget that we had to pay 5$ for a post. We tried to rise the budget but it was really hard to connivence the CEO. Nigeria, New York, Cologne, Arabia, Yemen, Libya and Balkan region were the first regions we targeted. In the first month (August) the sales were raised 40%. The next problem was “We want new type of customers not only these.”.

New Audience

The only gate we saw opened to gain new audience was only by creating collections that match the European and American culture. We proposed this to the designer and he replied with a positive answer. So in the next slide you will see the the difference between the dresses. The dresses got successfully the focus to the new clients. By that in the next 12 months, sales were increased to 90%.


Social Media Fashion

Social Media Fashion